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The history of cinema sound has long been directly linked to the ingenuity and commitment of the JBL Professional research and development team to provide groundbreaking loudspeaker systems for the film industry. JBL Cinema Sound Products are the market leaders in all cinema categories from sound stages, to mixing rooms, to THX® approved theater systems. Like JBL, Crown International has long set the standard for premium quality amplifier systems in professional film production and cinema sound applications. These two companies allow a perfect synergy for cinema sound system solutions.

Never content with relying on their leading market positions, JBL and Crown continue to explore new sound technologies for the production and exhibition of the cinema arts. These cinema sound building blocks are at the core of the JBL/Crown connection and make JBL/Crown Cinema Systems the superior option for uncompromising quality, reliability and innovation.

Digital B-Chain™
Now, with Crown and JBL’s exclusive system control technology, Digital B-Chain, distribution of all audio and control signals remain in the digital domain with a single Ethernet network connection. Installation, configuration, eq, monitoring and troubleshooting come under one centralized control. DBC™ is the most advanced cinema audio, control and monitoring network available today.

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